Express International Freight offers Air and Ocean Consolidation Services to Latin america, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean under following schedules:

  • Ocean consolidation – Weekly
  • Air Consolidation – Daily.
  • Pick ups, Intermodal and cargo delivery – Daily

Shipments sized

Once the cargo is measured and weighed and depending on the destination the customer pays only the percentage of the container occupied by his cargo.

Smooth but controlled

The systems used by EIF guarantee total control of the information and cargo flow, as well as, of the speed and efficiency in the costs.

Competitiveness increase

Working with the highest reputed and experienced shipping lines EIF offers fast and profitable LCL services that increase customer’s competitiveness.

Tailor Made Rates

EIF’s consolidated cargo rates apply for almost all USA making it easy for you to handle and calculate import and export rates between different countries. It’s also a guarantee for the best Price in the market.

Do you have any doubt?

Our team is ready to solve any question and request