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BL Terms

The Bill of Lading (B / L) is a document generated by the shipper, where a shipment of goods, the title of the property and release by the company on behalf of the customer at the destination port is detailed.

For more information, please consult the following link: www.shippingandfreightresource.com, specifying in more detail the typical characteristics of this document.
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Power of Attorney

The Power of Attorney is a written statement that a client gives permission to a Freight Forwarder. This document nominates Freight forwarder as its agent to prepare documents and grant you the power of representation against the U.S. customs authorities. This document is only valid for this specific purpose.

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Export Authorization

This document authorizes the agent to generate the export declaration Shipper's Export Declaration (SED). This document is required by the office of the United States for exports where the load value exceeds $ 2500.00 USD

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Custom Power of Attorney

A customs power of attorney is used to give the authorized agent authority to act in all matters related to the import and export of goods and customs. It's a short legal document, consisting often of one page. Some countries provide their own form to be used, such as customs form 5291 in the United States. The grantor can be an individual, partnership, or corporation much like the agent, who is also called the attorney of the grantor. The customs power of attorney also grants rights to the employees of companies who act as agents, who are given limited authority when dealing with customs.

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Customs General Letter

This document is used to authorize Express International Freight as U.S. representative to the customs authorities, the buyer of heavy machinery and vehicles in order to comply with the ruling of validation.

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Air Waybill

The Air Waybill (AWB) is the most important document issued by a carrier either directly or through its authorised agent. It is a non-negotiable transport document. It covers transport of cargo from airport to airport. By accepting a shipment an IATA cargo agent is acting on behalf of the carrier whose air waybill is issued.

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