Why do We Make the Difference?

Why do We Make the Difference?

For the last 10 years EIF has been assisting the buyers, who come from around the world, and take part at the most important auctions of machinery and heavy equipment in the USA. EIF offers them advisory and assistance in developing and defining the logistics

It’s been a decade coordinating and processing shipments of the most well-known makes of new machines and equipment for the dealers around the world, mainly to the Latin- American market and also to African, European and Middle East markets. Customers describe their experience with Express International Freight as The Difference. Some like Navitrans say: “Effectiveness and kindness are the trademark of this Company with which we have been working for many years.” Powerscreen opines: “Excellent Customer Service, we feel them alongside us, helping us, assisting us during all the process from the point of origin till the delivery to the consignee, they are very professional.”

It has been a very valuable time, the Company has not only become an outstanding freight forwarder but has also helped people to achieve their dreams, the people who has grown up within this project. “Thanks to Express International Freight I am now a great
professional, I have developed a family providing them the best. Express is my second home, here you feel the warmth, the love and the compromise”. Lilliam Montoya, Pricing Department Manager

Express International Freight will keep the pace because it is a Company that has decided to maintain, the difference, as one of their distinctive attributes among all the freight forwarders in the market. It doesn’t matter the weight, the volume or the distance the
Company will be there to find the best logistic plan in cost and time.

Express International Freight’s vision is defined and focused on the development and consolidation as one of the most important companies providing Logistics and transport services locally and internationally.

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