The process of loading at the port is very important for the production and distribution chain in order to get the cargo to any place in the world. this process is known to be very important because of the volume and the weight that is handle in the ships.

Following the quality and safety standards is the priority from the loading port to the destination port. There are a lot of variables that has to be controlled through the process as is: the way the load is lifted, humidity, temperature, weather, balance of the ship, stops through the voyage and so on.

The cost of the transport depends on the weight (Ton) or the volume (m3) of the cargo. there are different types of ships as: ships with special cooling and ventilation systems to keep the cargo fresh, tank ships, cement ships and container ships that are usually used to handle different kinds of minerals and hydrocarbons.

The ocean freight is known for having complex navigation programs that involves thousands of ports around the world. It has a lot of distribution centers that help optimize the cargo flow. Technology has had a huge impact in the ocean freight, for example the implementation of the tracking systems gives the opportunity to determine where the cargo is and where it is going to be arriving to the destination port. This kind of functionality allows the customer to make decisions more accurately and efficiently.


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